Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Peevey does End run with watered down version of Opt Out; ignoring most demands

In the late cold, busy, holiday time of the year the CPUC (Calif. Public Utility Commission) does another undemocratic process: complete a controversial issue while most of us are busy with the holidays. President Mike Peevey continues to ignore 47 Cities and Counties and a couple dozen formal complaints that involve those municipalities and other concern organization. Even the CPUC's own Dept. Of Rate Payers has asked for the Opt Out to be free of charge.  President Peevey ignores concerns by citizens and considers PG&E proposal over all. The proposal ignores any sense of democracy, ignores renters who may not pay power directly, and others in homes. It ignores the greatest demand, keeping the Analog meter and it does not protect victims or concerned citizens in dense areas. Charging for the Opt Out kills any motivation to use it. This Opt Out is a clever chess move: Check mate! We lose! Corporate Utility Monopolies win! Heavily lobbied commissioners go on more Utility Junkets.

You can make a difference. Use the letters below or rewrite them and be sure to send them to Governor Brown, and the five Commissioners. It is important to send a copy to Peevey even though he will ignore it but it makes it a matter of record. Post 2009, 45,000 compliants and high profile response by a State Senator, Peevey's office had the audacity to say they had few complaints.

Refuse SmartMeters Mendocino feels we not only need to get a real Opt Out, that also allows entire communities to Opt out and remove Smart Infrastructure, we need to fix the regulatory system which appears to be ignoring its responsibility to protect Californians and listen and react to our complaints. Currently, the CPUC appears to parrot any desire of the Utilities; allowing rate increases to support cost that should be those of the Utility. SmartMeters will save and make money for the Utilities, but probably no more power than simply informing power users (Smartmeter industry article 2011.) The Utilities chant that wired systems are costly or difficult and yet Italy has a wired system. And what is the cost of a system if it injures its rate payers , creates medical cost for the same and drives them out of their homes and livelihoods? The lack of security is serious and even the US GAO has concerns. Wired systems are more accurate and faster.

Back during the time that the Railroads attempting to "railroad" the farmers with tariffs, low prices for food and high shipping charges. The Granges, a farmer's progressive movement, fought and got protective regulation. In 1947, the National Grange leader said that number one, Goverments should protect the citizens from abuse fiscally and physically. That is what our PUC is supposed to do, but it is clearly marching to another tune.

There is talk of a drive to create state iniative to change the way our CPUC is filled and to insure that there is a democratic rotation of the Commission's Presidency, to keep from potential graft and putting too much power in one President. One can not even talk directly to a commissioner or his/her assistants. How can they know what we want? We feel President Peevey has done a terrible job overseeing the SmartMeter process as well as the PG&E gas debacle. If there were regulated, paper trails, oversight of inspection, etc. would have avoided the current exposure of Californians to harm. Peevey needs to go!

See letters below and please send them ASAP.
thank you
Refuse Smartmeters Mendocino

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