Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mendocinos County Smart Meter Moratorium-what it means

Now that Mendocino County has a moratorium there are some important concerns regarding the residents of Mendocino.
  • The moratorium covers the unincorporated areas (not the cities.)
    • Thus each city must have their own moratorium. Lobby your city council person with phone calls and letters. Sign the Refuse Smart Meter petition, so it can be used with your city council. These have effect and was the main reason Supervisors supported the County wide moratorium. You can help further by contacting
  • Sheriff Allman says he will support the moratorium, but that his budget does not allow him to respond with deputies. He said he will  take reports and act. Installation is a misdemeanor in our county.
    • We are developing a report form, or affidavit of violation that could be used as a citizens arrest. Make sure you mark your power and gas meter locations with weather proof signs (many located at local natural food stores.) We recommend you take a picture of these notes with your signature and date it as a record of your concern.
  • PG&E claims it will not honor the moratorium per mandate from the California Public Utilities, yet no meters have been installed in the county since the moratorium went into effect.