Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smartmeter/wireless refugees


That's what you heard. In the county of Mendocino where a moratorium/ordinance against Smartmeters rests, refugees from as far away as San Diego, have run, leaving their homes and jobs and life, to find solace in a less wireless world.

Mountainous and well forested, this county is difficult to run wireless-ly and thus pockets remain where no wireless signals penetrate. It allows a place for those folks, who have become hypersensitive to electricity and wireless to recover. Yet the undemocratic California Public Utility Commission lead by once Con Ed executive, Mike Peevey and Utilities follow the dangerous mandate to blanket the entire state with this controversial and dangerous technology. It has folks running. I am aware of at least 15-20 people on the run; looking for safe haven.

Electro hypersensitivity is a relatively new term which could be coupled with Radar sickness of the 50s and 60s. Exposed residents suddenly find themselves with headaches, tinnitus, cognitive limits and heart arrhythmia. Once sensitized, victims can not live around traditional low level EMF sources like lighting, refrigerators and other appliances. Their recourse is to shut down the power in their homes or use direct current appliances that are expensive. As wireless devices blanket community, many of these victims are forced to live in special rooms shielded with ground wire mesh, wire mesh cloth or special metal bearing paints.
 Where is the safe place, the refugee camp? What happens to the life left behind? What about jobs left behind, houses? Is this the right direction.

In the world 10 % of Sweden and 5% of Ireland is EHS. The numbers are growing as the wireless grows. Dr. Ole Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, extrapolates using world data that 50% could be impacted by 2017 (2011.)

A mandatory roll-out of anything that makes some of our population ill is wrong and a form of torture. We are creating a devious version of Refugee camps here in the land of the free without democracy.

Hidden Smartappliance technology arrives, the toxic trojan horse enters homes

Buyer Beware!

With the roll-outover of the Smartgrid and the mandatory trespass of personal homes with Smartmeters, now comes a hidden onslaught of wireless devices in appliances. Sam Milham M.D. epidemiologist and author of important book "Dirty Electricity" discovered along with Cindy Sage of Sage and Associates discovered that RF radiation is emitting from new appliances. When queried, the company, in this case, Bosch, said it was not modifiable, always on. Although a short signal, it is a pulsing one and hardly once a day. Actually it is several times a minute.
Unbeknownst to you, you have entered the
Smartappliance zone
That means your home becomes wireless land rather you want it or not and without warning. If you happen to have an implant for health purposes, which are dangerously sensitive, you could be buying a trip to the hospital or the morgue with your next appliance purchase. That is the warning of the National Institute of health.

If you are a electro hypersensitive person, you may have purchased a greater annoyance that could drive you out of your home sooner.

This is an unlabelled trespass and the companies need to know that you are against it. Seems like any corporation can create anything, add it to an important product you need and not tell you. Thats the toxic trojan horse.  Buyer Beware!


Now more than ever, it is crucial that you tell these corporations immediately, that you don't want it. We will post 800 numbers and email links to allow you to do that and most of all. "DON'T BUY IT!"  Buying it is voting yes. Say no! Don't buy it.