Thursday, May 5, 2011

Smartmeters produce dirty electricity

What’s this? 
Dirty Electricity. 
It is happening in every home and office and even in electric cars and regular cars. It is produced from transients due to bad electrical connections, poor generation, and switching power supplies like those in computers, TVs, stereos, kitchen and laundry high tech, and all of the ubiquitous black boxes that hang on outlets or between laptops and the wall. Good resources are a recent film:,
You may learn what’s irking you, what’s making your kids fidgety (ADHD,) or causing cancer in your home. The new Smartmeters put it on your home 24/7. Right now without a Smartmeter, you can unplug or shut off most sources of Dirty electricity. Unfortunately you may be sharing your neighbors dirty appliances electricity. Graham and Stetzer made meters and devices to monitor and remove the dirt. Check out their sites. For a good review read Sam Milham's Dirty Electricity.

But say No to Smartmeters until they address this problem. Hey they could make a meter that cleans up all the dirty electricity and why not?

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