Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mendocinos County Smart Meter Moratorium-what it means

Now that Mendocino County has a moratorium there are some important concerns regarding the residents of Mendocino.
  • The moratorium covers the unincorporated areas (not the cities.)
    • Thus each city must have their own moratorium. Lobby your city council person with phone calls and letters. Sign the Refuse Smart Meter petition, so it can be used with your city council. These have effect and was the main reason Supervisors supported the County wide moratorium. You can help further by contacting
  • Sheriff Allman says he will support the moratorium, but that his budget does not allow him to respond with deputies. He said he will  take reports and act. Installation is a misdemeanor in our county.
    • We are developing a report form, or affidavit of violation that could be used as a citizens arrest. Make sure you mark your power and gas meter locations with weather proof signs (many located at local natural food stores.) We recommend you take a picture of these notes with your signature and date it as a record of your concern.
  • PG&E claims it will not honor the moratorium per mandate from the California Public Utilities, yet no meters have been installed in the county since the moratorium went into effect.
    • Emf Safety Network has made a second claim for response from the CPUC, demanding that they respond to their Rate Payers bill of rights, and the tele-communication part of the Smart Meters which are not simple meters as they communicate. The CPUC is the defining office of this SM roll-out and other states PUCs have taken more precaution (not allowing roll-out or doing pilot studies.) We will present the SF City & County petition that shows the dismal way that PG&E has roll-out these meters, asking for extra fiscal support with each error from the CPUC which allows it to meet their mandate
    • The current president of the commission (CPUC,) Mr. Peavey, has a clear bias having been part of the power industry. We feel he should not be on the presidency and possibly not on the commission with this bias. You can lobby Governor Jerry Brown with this concern (916-445-2841.)
    • AB 37 by Assemblyman Jared Huffman, Marin allows for an opt out using a plugged in version of the Smart meter. 
  • What you can do:
    • Call PG&E and state clearly that you do not what a wireless smart meter. They may put you on a delay list, but you should be clear if you do not want a SM. Don't let them bully you. There claim that you have no choice is only a claim.
    • Call Assemblyman Wes Chesbro (463-5770) and demand he support AB 37 and that he broaden the bill to include allowances for entire areas to be plugged in if a sensitive person is within the area. Also ask him to look at overcharges post SM installation.
    • Contact State Senator Noreen Evans (576-2771,) demand that she change the legislation that her precedent Sen. Wiggens signed to allow for a Smart Meter opt out in the Smart Grid legislation. Do not allow aides to bully you with similar propaganda that PG&E and the CPUC use. We deserve an option, this is not a dictatorship!
    • Join others in your community in a Stand together Affinity group. Folks in these groups will respond like squawking Blue jays to PG&E Smart Meter installers, take pictures and make reports to the Sheriff.

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